Wednesday, November 18, 2015

saving the world, one 3 a.m. feeding at a time.

Lately, I have this tendency to think I can solve the worlds problems at 3:00am.
I've moved on from thinking I can fix my own, to thinking I can cure cancer. Literally.
I laid here, so beyond infuriated at the idea of not having an answer to fixing this problem. Trying to figure out what we would do if cancer was cured. And got more angry the more I thought about how there is probably a cure out there that we just aren't being told.
Ok enough about my conspiracy theories....

Tonight is no different.
Tonight I lay here in my warm bed, babies waking me at 2am (wasn't this supposed to stop!? I'm awfully tired). I hold Maddox in my arms as I feed him and I pray.
I pray that my kids stay strong.
That they are healthy.
That they are safe.
That they grow into the amazing people I know they are meant to be. I have known it before I met them - they are going to do amazing things. I pray they do.

I pray that they grow to make a difference in this world because God knows we need it.
I pray they don't let fear rule their lives. That they aren't afraid to help a fellow human. That they do what's best for the world, not for just themselves.
I pray they approach every situation with love, kindness and understanding- not judgement, fear and hate.
I pray they are smart, wise and knowledgeable but not scared.

This world is fighting hate with hate. And we are failing miserably. As a race.
It's going downhill so quickly.

I started these thoughts with "how horrible of a person am I to bring babies into this world and subject them to this terrible place?"
That's not the outlook that needs to be had- I was only feeding the monster.

So I prayed for them, that they find beauty and love in this world and spread it like wildfire.That they are the light in the dark, because that is what the world needs.

This is the only way our human race is going to last.
Any other approach will crash and burn.

As you raise your children into this world, show them love for every person they encounter- even if YOU don't feel it.
Teach them the value of life- from a small animal to an old man.
Raise children with open minds, open hearts, free of hate and frustration.

Our world depends on it.
Here is our chance to make sure the future generations get it right. (Not saying our generations didn't get anything right, of course they did).
Don't just tell them, show them through your own acts of kindness & bravery.
Stop judging people based on your own thoughts and see the bigger picture.
Smile at every person you meet. Be thankful in every situation.

It takes very little effort to change the world if we all did these little things. And even less effort if we teach them to our children and those we meet.

**DISCLAIMER: For the record, I am NOT saying "hug a terrorist" I am saying - start where home is, where little people are molded, and maybe there will be less terrorism..... Or at least we can hope.**